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Solve a problem redesigning NASA technology.

OPTIMUS PRIME wants you to identify NASA Spinoff technology in your world and test your skills at designing an innovation that will make your universe a better place!

By taking on this mission, you will work with technologies that expand our knowledge of galaxies, black holes and other astrophysics-related objects. Just like an engineer, you will use an engineering design process to create your own spinoff that may solve a real-world problem for the stars and beyond.

Using a combination of text, images, and videos, you will create a webpage with Adobe Spark for Education to share your ideas with NASA.


Design Process Steps 


Who can enter?

OPSPARC is open to students in grades 3-12. This year’s challenge is open to citizens from the United States, Canada (excluding Quebec), the United Kingdom and, for the first time, citizens of the Netherlands. Students can work as individuals or in teams of up to four people. Click here to see the complete Rules & Regulations.


What can you win?

There will be two semifinalists and one honorable mention for elementary, middle and high school grade categories for each mission.

Elementary school category semifinalists will be paired with a mentor from Mad Science to guide them in creating a presentation about their concept for a panel of NASA and industry judges.

Middle school and high school semifinalists will be paired with engineering college students to develop 3D presentations and a marketing plan within NIAUniverse, a physics-based virtual world setting. Semifinalists will present their virtual world to a panel of NASA and industry judges. The finalists will be selected based upon their presentations.

In June 2020, the winning elementary, middle, and high school teams will be invited to a two-day Winner’s Workshop and Awards Ceremony at Goddard, with special tours and activities. See the Awards & Recognition page for more details.



Get started!

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Registration & Submission

October 9 – December 8, 2019.


Have Questions?

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Have Questions?


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