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    On Sunday, April 29, hackers attempted to change the vote totals in the NASA OPSPARC Challenge, so managers of the challenge decided to end public voting to protect the integrity of the results. The challenge team has an accurate record of the voting results prior to the attempted disruption. The top three Public Choice teams in each category will be notified and recognized on the challenge website. In accordance with the judging criteria and voting procedures stated on the OPSPARC website, a panel of NASA Goddard judges will make a final determination of the winners using the published rubrics. 

    Before the voting ended, members of the public were using social media to generate support for particular teams in the public voting. NASA supports this kind of community-based effort to encourage students to engage with science, technology, engineering and math and recognizes social media as an important tool for that support. Votes generated this way are legitimate and will be counted. Unfortunately, it was brought to NASA’s attention on Monday, April 30, that some members of the public used social media, not to encourage students and support STEM, but to attack a particular student team based on their race and encouraged others to disrupt the contest and manipulate the vote, and the attempt to manipulate the vote occurred shortly after those posts. NASA continues to support outreach and education for all Americans, and encourages all of our children to reach for the stars.

  • Thomas, Daniel & Jimin Lee Glog thumbnail

    Thomas, Daniel & Jimin Lee
    Coronado High School
    Henderson, NV

     Andres, Pablo, Juan, Kevin & Oscar Glog thumbnail

    Andres, Pablo, Juan, Kevin & Oscar
    Mesquite ISD
    Mesquite, TX

    Michele, Christian, Horacio & Pedro Glog thumbnail

    Michele, Christian, Horacio & Pedro
    North Mesquite H.S.
    Mesquite, TX

    Jason, Tiffany & Mirai Glog thumbnail

    Jason, Tiffany & Mirai
    Village Christian School
    Sun Valley, CA

    Michael, Tristin & Kim Glog thumbnail

    Michael, Tristin & Kim
    West Career and Technical Academy
    Las Vegas, NV

    Seo & Jeonghyun Glog thumbnail

    Seo & Jeonghyun
    Troy High

      Alyssa, Daniel, Minwoo & Ryan Glog thumbnail

    Alyssa, Daniel, Minwoo & Ryan
    After School Program

    Mikayla, India & Bria Glog thumbnail

    Mikayla, India & Bria
    IN3 – Incubator Program
    Washington, D.C.